🚀 Launch Overview

SkullGenesis Pool Starts on 9 March 2022 10:00 am UTC
BrainReward Pool Starts on 12 March 2022 10:00 am UTC
Boardroom (BRAINRY) Starts on 13 March 2022 6:00 pm UTC

Genesis Pools & Launch

Initially 1 SKULL token will be minted on contract creation so the devs can create the TraderJoe LP pair (SKULL/MIM). As 1 token is not enough to sustain any sort of trading activity the usual way to launch these protocols is to have a Genesis Pool where 78000 tokens are distributed among the community in return for supplying liquidity to a Genesis Pool for 72 hours. All pools are found in the Graveyard (farm).
9 March 2022 10:00 am UTC Genesis Pool will open, In total 78,000 SKULL will be distributed during Genesis event.
These are the tokens you can deposit and stake:-
Weightings : -
WAVAX (30,000 SKULL distributed to WAVAX stakers)
USDC.e (25,000 SKULL distributed to USDC.e stakers)
WETH (15,000 SKULL distributed to WETH stakers)
SKULL/MIM LP (8,000 SKULL distributed to LP stakers)
No Deposit Fees for SKULL/MIM LP and 1% deposit Fees for WAVAX, USDC.e and WETH pools
These tokens can be withdrawn at any time by withdrawing them directly from the website or by interacting directly with the contract. The Genesis pool will be live for 72 hours and will stop distributing rewards on the 12th of March. You will be able to withdraw your funds even when the rewards stop being distributed.Once the genesis pool is over, and users have their SKULL, the farms will open.


There's also a further 10000 SKULL tokens that will be kept for a community airdrop at some point towards the end of the first 10 days. This airdrop will go specifically to those who have been active community members and holders of the majority of their rewards for the week, bonus points for reinvesting these rewards. The exact criteria for eligibility will be kept a secret to prevent abuse but dumping whales will not be included.Stay connected with us on our discord & telegram for details.